Inspired by Incredible India

A place where your passion for experimentation and exploration of different fusions of cocktails is celebrated. The pink city’s first cocktail room offering a signature experience that is in sync with its music, food, ambience and cocktails

Drinks you can’t put down

On The Walk

Chamomile Gin, Cucumber, Elderflower wine, Citrus, Sparkling Wine


Whiskey, Matcha Liqueur , Green Apple, Maple, Bubbles

10th Century

Gin, Watermelon, Raspberry, Martini Fiero, Sparkling Water

East Asian Highball

Whiskey, Matcha Liqueur , Green Apple, Maple, Bubbles

Pondicherry Sour

Gin, Aperol, Hibiscus berry cordial, Citric, Vegan foam

Apple State

Himachal – Smokey whisky, herbal liqueur, orange blossom, citric acid, apple soda

Exotic Dishes

Tempura Sushi

Vinegared rice served on a seaweed sheet

Chicken Bao

Smoked chicken tossed in an in house teriyaki sauce served in a moist soft bao

Chicken Mamu Bhanja Tacos

Accidental odia mutton dish marinated with biryani spices served over taco

Mushroom Truffle Oil Flatbread

Pan toasted mushroom with truffle oil

Piaji Pita Pocket

Odia dal & onion fritter in pita pocket bread with hummus, hot sauce and microgreen salad

Nadroo Kashmiri Yakhni

Lotus stem kofte served in yakhni curry with tempered haak saag and accompanied with brown onion pilaf

Kolkata Beetroot Cutlet

Deep red Kolkata halwai style beetroot Cutlet in spices, crushed peanut deep fried in a crispy rava crust. Served with Mango Ginger chutney

Certainty of amazing taste in uncertain lives

You look like you need a cocktail

In the Heart of the Pink City

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